Getting back into code

It's surprising how quickly I forget how to move around in code. It is nothing like riding a bike (which I also don't do as much as I should.) After spending a few months away from PHP - I suddenly have two projects where I am working exclusively in it. There's something magical about sitting in some new code, solving problems and listening to good music.

I have a lot of catching up to do. I learned about latent static bindings a year or so ago but I totally forgot how to use them. I literally have an empty database_object include in all of my projects. #wishfulthinking

Not to mention, 5.4 being released and I haven't even checked out the changelog.

Another tidbit of "entrepreneurial freedom" aka I don't have a corporate job right now:

I  have been catching up on the free crypto class I missed earlier this year. Dan Boneh has put together an excellent course on cryptography - you can find it either on Youtube or at the Coursera site (requiring a free sign-up). Some of the topics and explanations are math-intensive. Although, even the novice mathematician can follow the over-arching theories and bird's eye explanations.

One advantage to taking the Coursera class (as opposed to YouTube) is that it pauses for the Q/A section of every lesson. It's such a good feeling to get correct answers on such a complex topic - especially when you haven't touched discrete probability in over 5 years.

I can't take credit for getting the correct answers though. Prof. Boneh does such a good job of explaining the material. It's easy enough to get a few answers right. A lot of the notation escapes me, but Prof. Boneh waters some of that down to plain text.

If you're mildly interested in cryptography but don't need a Stanford-level education in it, at least check out this one video on crypto history:

If anyone is interested in taking the course and wants to discuss some of the topics - please let me know. The YouTube comment section is surprisingly vacant.

Edit: I forgot to mention that (redacted) is in the process of becoming an LLC (finally) and I can officially call it (redacted). This is a very exciting milestone for me - but is probably meaningless to all other humans.