How to: Dropbox

So I just uploaded a video to show people how to download and install Dropbox:

I just wanted to add a post to my blog to cover some additional information that people might find useful. So here are some key points I wanted to make:

-It's free to use and easy to install. -Dropbox can be used to share and sync files between two or more computers. -Files can be added to the Dropbox/public folder to make them public. Right clicking on the file, and selecting Dropbox->Copy public link will give you a link to the file (which you can give to anyone wanting to download the file.) -It's supported on Linux, Windows, Mac OSX, Android, and iPhone/iPad.

So this is my first software how-to video, and I plan to do many more. I'm going to try to knock off the easy ones first. This way my video editing/voice over techniques will be up to snuff by the time I do the advanced videos.

Here is a selection of some of the videos I am planning (there are many more in my lists):

Software -How to: Sync your keepass across multiple computers -How to: Install virtual box with Ubuntu natty -How to: use Google Analytics -How to: use Google Plus -How to: use Git

Hardware -How to: install RAM -How to: apply thermal paste to a GPU -How to: replace a hard drive in a laptop

If you have recommendations for additional how-to videos, please feel free to comment here or on my YouTube.