Hi! My name is Alex Waters. I write code and I'm passionate about the internet & learning.
Tweet, Medium, and have worked at several great organizations on some fun projects:
Bitcoin Core Development, Bitinstant, Coin Apex, Coin.co, itBit’s Bankchain (now Paxos), GetKelvin, ELM.NYC, Eco, and PAI.


| Press, Media & Selected Content |


September | Cheddar.com | Global Anti Money-laundering Watchdog Remains Cautious About Libra

February | The Power of Thought Podcast | Bitcoin & A.I. Murderbots


September | Elm.nyc | Blocking and Tackling: Why the Blockchain Matters for National Security

August | Medium.com | Protocols

June | Medium.com | Reputation As a Metric

May | Github.com | PAI Data Storage and Sharing


October | ProjectPAI.com | PAI Blockchain Protocol: A Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Network

September 24th | CoinDesk | Vivid History: 'How Money Got Free' Is the Untold Story of Bitcoin

September 20th | American Banker | Could Chinese Regulators Put an End to Blockchain Assets?

September 6th | American Banker | What Banks Can Learn from a Cryptocurrency's Bug Bounty Program

June 26th | Fortune | Can Bitcoin’s First Felon Help Make Cryptocurrency a Trillion-Dollar Market?

June 9th | Business Insider | How a New York Startup Disregarded the Law to Help Get Bitcoin Off the Ground

May 9th | Wired | How One Scrappy Startup Survived The Early Bitcoin Wars

May 9th | Brian Eha | How Money Got Free

April 6th | CoinDesk | Here Comes the Pickaxe Race: Bitcoin Mining Jumps to GPU


July 17th | BBC | Bitcoin: Still The Future of Money?

June 29th-30th | W3C | Blockchains and the Web

May 4th | OCC | Bitcoin: Past, Present, and Future

April 6th | Eric Geissinger | Virtual Billions

March 23rd | FIRMA annual conference | Bitcoin - Current Movement in Blockchain Technology


December 9th | Bloomberg Technology | Bitcoin's Creator Reportedly Living Suburban Life in Australia

August 10th | Documentary | The Evolution and Revolution of a Commodity

July 28th | American Banker | Digital Currencies + The Blockchain

June 29th | Hoegner, Straus, Brito, Friedman, Rae, Osborne | The Law of Bitcoin

May 22nd | Great Wall of Numbers | Book Review: Digital Gold

May 19th | Nathaniel Popper | Digital Gold

May 15th | NYSBA @ NY Federal Reserve | Hot Topics in Virtual Currencies

April 29th | Hedge Co | Fashion and Bitcoins

April 28th | The King's College | Benefiting Across Borders

April 27th | Trusted Insight | So What's Next in Financial Tech?

April 27th | NetFinance 2015 Miami | Bitcoin Round Table Chair

March 31st |  | Christian Science Monitor | Silk Road Investigators Charged

March 25th | Forex Minute | Compares Bitcoin with Internet

March 25th | Benzinga | Bitcoin's Impact On Society Will Rival The Internet

March 25th | Yahoo! Finance  | Bitcoin's Impact On Society Will Rival The Internet

March 23rd | Money Summit | Why Banks Are Investing in Bitcoin

February 6th | Lighthouse / Vinumeris / CoinApex | Testing for Bitcoin Core

January 28th | NY Bar Association | Digital Currencies in Practice 

January 28th | NY Bar Association Annual Meeting | Bitcoin Panel


December 20th | Andreas Antonopoulos | Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Cryptocurrencies

November 21st | The Clearing House Annual Conference | Emerging Payments Panel

November 19th | The King's College | Digital Currency Roundtable

November 19th | Bitcoinist.net | Coinapex, an Incubator aiming to support Cryptocurrency Projects

November 16th | NYU | Bitcoin Hackathon Speaker & Mentor

October 24th | CCN | Mine Bitcoin Save Money Heating

July 13th | Bloomberg | Alex and Matt Miller on the FBI auction

June 30th | New York Times | After Bitcoin Auction, Winning Bidders Remain Elusive

June 7th | Coin.co | Bitcoin is just the beginning

May 23rd | Vice: Motherboard | Bitcoin is boring

May 20th | Internet Week Panelist | Off the Blockchain

May 20th | Internet Week NYC | The future of cryptocurrency

April 28th | Columbia University Speaker | Mobile Payments & Virtual Currencies

April 23rd | The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin | Documentary

April 8th | Money & Tech | Interview with Jered Kenna

April 7th | NYU Law School | Digital currency panel

April 3rd | Council on Foreign Relations Panelist | Google Ideas

March 14th | Fox | Alex and Liz Claman talk Bitcoin on Fox

March 10th | Bloomberg | Discussing Satoshi Nakamoto with Matt Miller

March 7th | PlayerAuctions | Alex writes about the future of Bitcoin

February 12th | Bloomberg | with Sallie Krawcheck, Matt Miller, and Stephanie Ruhle


December 18th | WNYC | This Mom Love Bitcoins

November 13th | Forbes | Forbes on CoinValidation with Yifu Guo and Matthew Mellon

May 28th | General Assembly | What are Bitcoins? with Charlie Shrem

May 17th | TechCrunch | Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss put $1.5mm into Bitinstant

May 7th | Vice: Motherboard | Who's Building Bitcoin? An Inside Look

April 30th | Observer | "Its all about the bitcoin, baby"

April 10th | Vice: Motherboard | How to get really rich from bitcoins